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No Religious Protections Are Good Enough


Many progressive news and blog sites are circulating the idea that the only thing standing in the way of same-sex marriage legislation passing is the inclusion of more robust religious liberty protections.  Even NPR picked up on this trending idea.  Unfortunately, there are no religious exemptions that would make same-sex marriage legislation safe enough from those who would seek to interpret the law. 

You’ve heard the saying “give them an inch and they’ll take a mile” and that is very much true with this issue.  Same-sex marriage proponents may honestly want this and nothing more.   However, there is no telling how others will take advantage of and manipulate the altered state of marriage once the editing pen touches the definition.

Furthermore, exempting religious institutions or businesses from being required to participate in marriage ceremonies will not some how alter the morality of those entities and individuals.  Lawmakers are seeking an avenue to manipulate the people of Rhode Island into accepting something they truly do not agree with.  

Those who are pushing for the legislation want to be able to say, “Now you have no reason to object” to their opponents.  This presumptuous line of thought assumes that individuals should not adhere to their own faith or morals, but rather give into heard mentality and follow a crowd.  These religious exemptions are not designed to protect people of faith, but rather to alter their values and beliefs.  

Religious exemptions do not protect religious people, but attack them and try to lull them into compliance with and acceptance of a practice they have always found immoral and harmful for society.

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