Rhode Island for Marriage

URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Call Your State Senators Today!


State senators Leonidas Raptakis and William Conley Jr. could be key to protecting marriage in Rhode Island.  Call Senator Raptakis and Senator Conley and urge them to vote NO on Senate Bill 38.  Their contact information is below.

22 Sen. Stephen R. Archambault (401) 276-2599 Favors SSM
18 Sen. William J. Conley, Jr. (401) 438-1924 Stated opposition to SSM
35 Sen. Dawson Tucker Hodgson (401) 203-3256 Favors SSM
5 Sen. Paul V. Jabour (401) 751-3300 [email protected] Past Stated opposition to SSM
26 Sen. Frank S. Lombardi (401) 270-1379 [email protected] Opposes SSM
31 Sen. Erin P. Lynch (401) 739-8500 [email protected] Favors SSM
29 Sen. Michael J. McCaffrey (401) 739-7576 [email protected] Opposes SSM
6 Sen. Harold M. Metts (401) 272-0112 [email protected] Opposes SSM
15 Sen. Donna M. Nesselbush (401) 728-3244 [email protected] Favors SSM
33 Sen. Leonidas P. Raptakis (401) 397-2720 [email protected] Past Stated opposition to SSM
38 Sen. Dennis L. Algiere 401-222-2708 [email protected] Past Stated opposition to SSM
4 Sen. Dominick J. Ruggerio 401-222-3310 [email protected] Opposes SSM
13 Senate President Teresa Pavia-Weed 401-222-6655 [email protected] Opposes SSM
1 Sen. Mary-Ellen Goodwin 401-272-3102 [email protected] Past Stated opposition to SSM

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