Rhode Island for Marriage

Desperation is a Stinky Cologne


Yesterday, NOM RI released game changing statistics that definitively showed that Rhode Island voters want the people—not the legislature—to vote on the definition of marriage. Based on their reaction—going into overdrive to try to discredit QEV Analytics and their polling methods—it is fair to surmise that the progressive media and same-sex marriage activists fear this information gaining traction with the public.

Some of the most frequent “complaints” are easily answered:

  1. “Even A NOM Push Poll Shows Rhode Island Support For Marriage Equality”

    That would be shocking, if it were true.  No such data exists anywhere in the polling results.

  2. “The poll didn’t ask whether voters support same-sex marriage.”

    The poll never claimed to measure the attitudes towards the redefinition of marriage, but instead focuses on whether such a vote should be the responsibility of the people or the legislature.  Advocates for redefining marriage are free to fund their own survey with whatever questions they wish.  And if same-sex marriage activists are so sure of their own numbers, then they should have no fear of the ballot.