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Episcopal Church Fractured Over Same-Sex Marriage


The promotion of same-sex marriage by Episcopal Bishop Nick Knisely is not being well received among Conservative Anglicans.  VirtueOnline.org “The Voice for Global Orthodox Anglicanism” went through the Bishops endorsement line by line and pointed out where his statements were false according to Anglican belief.

Anglican bishops have been landing themselves in hot water the past couple years by endorsing ideas that fly in the face of what conservative Anglicans would call fundamental to their faith.  As the article on VirtueOnline.org reports, the misalignment of the hierarchy and the people is driving conservative Anglicans to seek out other denominations as their home.

Anglican bishops are by no means united on the issue of same-sex marriage.  The division in both the hierarchy and the congregation should make it clear that for the best interest of the Anglican Church it would have been better not to speak out on the issue of same-sex marriage.  The movement to support same-sex marriage in their church has many Anglicans calling this “spiritual death by a thousand cuts”.

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