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Liberty Dies When the People and the Government Switch Roles


A recent article published on oceanstatecurrent.com had an interesting take on Constitutional Liberty.  The proper exercise of our government is for the people to direct the government in ways that protect our culture.  However, as The Current points out, for some time the government has been directing the movements of American culture.

It seems that in many ways our political structure has “put the cart before the horse”.   It’s a subtle difference, but to assume it is a “difference without a distinction” is a fatal error for liberty.   It is not the government’s job to guide the direction of cultural development.  The people should guide the government in the ways of American culture.  When the people no longer direct the morality of the government, and instead the government forms the morality of the people, then liberty is dead.

The Current put it this way:

“Plainly stated, there is no mechanism for limited government — not federalism, not separation of powers, not representative democracy — that can maintain freedom if the government cannot reflect, but can redefine, the culture of the governed.”

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