What are the divorce laws in NJ?


New Jersey has a one-year residency requirement. You or the other party must reside in New Jersey for at least a year prior to filing divorce. There is an exception if adultery is the grounds for divorce.

How do I serve divorce papers in NJ?

Under New Jersey law, the defendant must be personally served via hand delivery with a copy of the divorce paperwork. You can accomplish service by having a sheriff or process server hand-deliver a copy of the petition to your spouse at home or work. The sheriff will charge a fee for this service.

Do I lose alimony if I remarry?

Yes. The obligation to pay future alimony ends when the supported spouse remarries. The paying spouse doesn't have to return to court—payments may simply stop as of the date of the marriage. The payor is entitled to reimbursement for all maintenance paid from that date forward.

Does alimony last forever?

Payers' alimony obligation ends when they reach full retirement age, as defined by the Social Security Act. This allows a payer and payee to plan for retirement because they know ahead of time that it will end. There are guidelines for how long alimony must be paid based on the length of the marriage.

Can you quit your job to avoid alimony?

A last point to consider is that while you cannot quit your job to avoid spousal support, there is no obligation to labor 80 hours per week to support your ex-spouse's lavish, unemployed lifestyle. The California Supreme Court in Marriage of Simpson (1992) 4 Cal.

How long should a marriage separation last?

Maintain Regular Communication. The average length of an Enhancement Separation is about six months, but some couples have enjoyed it so much, they continue it indefinitely.

How do you separate in the same house?

Couples who are separated in the same home should consider the following steps to establish their separation:1) Living Separate and Apart. 2) Separate Responsibilities. 3) Create a Custody Schedule. 4) Socialization. 5) Memorializing Your Separation.Lisää kohteita…•

How do you live under the same roof separated?

If you and your spouse endeavor to live “separate under the same roof,” you'll want to adhere carefully to these guidelines: Use separate bedrooms and don't engage in intimacy. Don't shop for each other or use each other's purchases. Don't eat meals or socialize together.

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